Bishop Blue Coat High School, Chester


The Bishop Blue Coat School have had a reverberation of sound problem in their sports hall for many years. They came to AAS with the issue, looking for a solution that creates a better acoustic environment for the students and staff. Given this brief, AAS Projects and Design attended site to complete an acoustic survey and found that the reverberation time (Rt) in the sports hall was over 6 seconds. This level of Rt is very high for a sports hall environment, and it was clear that recommendations were needed to bring the Rt level down to an accepted standard. Our acoustic evaluation determined a requirement level of our high performance Phonic Fabric Product to reduce the Rt to a target level, and this proposal was accepted by the school.

The subsequent design process led to the approval of a dual colour panel arrangement that complimented the traditional colour scheme in the sports hall. Due to long standing damp control within the walls, thought was given to the installation of a plywood pattress system to protect the fabric panels from potential issues in the future. The plywood framework system was designed to be impact resistant to match the performance of the fabric system applied to it. The installation went smoothly, made a considerable improvement to the Rt level, and ultimately led to client satisfaction.

Key Facts

Main Contractor Direct
Estimated Project Value £21,000
Product Acoustic Wall Panels