Optic Range – Perforated Acoustic Panels

Product Info

  • Sound absorption panels are constructed with a drilled face which is fixed to the structure incorporating acoustically transparent fleece and a mineral wool filled air gap to enable maximum acoustic integrity of the product.
  • Sound absorption panels are available in a wide range of finishes.


Typical fixings:

Softwood split battens

Horizontal softwood split battens are fixed to background and the panels fixed direct to them by wood screws. Fixing would normally be at the panel joints, there are various joint details which can be used to conceal the fixing.

Other fixings available:

Rebated battens
Rebated battens are screw fixed direct to the battens or wall and to the backs of the panels and simply lifted into place.

Z clips
Z-clips are similar to rebated battens only that they are clips they are a 2 part system one clip screw fixed to the batten and the other to the panel.

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