Velocity 70 – Straight Sliding Walls

Sliding Door Wall

Product Info

Velocity 70 is a simple push/pull sliding panel system, which has been designed to replace the traditional solid core door systems that tend to warp over time and become difficult to move. The system is manufactured with a mix of steel and aluminium frame to provide a twist resistant structure and is fitted with acoustic infill material, rubber gaskets and sweep strips. To form larger openings the panels can be joined together on site by way of linking rods and steel plates (max. 3 panels). This system is top hung with a floor guide rail recessed into the underside of the panel and with a floor pin located in the floor to act as a guide. The partition can be supplied as a single wing stacking at one end or as a bi-parting configuration.

Main features:

  • Contemporary space management
  • Can be stored within a pocket or against a wall
  • Comprehensive selection of finishes – inc veneer, laminate etc
  • Single or multiple track lines available
  • Ultimate in contemporary space management
  • Design option to be stored in bespoke pocket
  • Available with vision panels
  • Vast selection of finishes – including veneer, laminate and white marker
  • Multipronged acoustic seal

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